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MCHT Preserves in the
Downeast Region

In Maine’s easternmost county, MCHT helped conserve the famous Cutler Coast Public Reserved Land and owns and manages vast and extraordinarily beautiful stretches of Bold Coast at Bog Brook Cove and Hamilton Cove preserves, as well as preserves in and around Cobscook Bay. You can hike trails for miles or pass an afternoon on a cobble beach, looking out for whales.

Bog Brook Cove

Bog Brook Cove in Cutler and Trescott features gravel and cobble beaches, breathtaking views of the Bold Coast, a universally-accessible trail, and abundant wildlife viewing opportunities.

Boot Head

Boot Head in Lubec features moss-lined paths to coastal bogs, cobble beaches and rocky promontories that offer stunning views of Maine’s Bold Coast.

Eastern Knubble

Located in Cutler, this 30-acre preserve offers easy access to a cobble beach and expansive views of Maine’s Bold Coast.

Frank E. Woodworth

Off the beaten path, the Woodworth Preserve features lush evergreen forests and picturesque coastal scenery in the heart of Pleasant Bay.

Hamilton Cove

This 1,225-acre preserve in Lubec provides people of all ages opportunities to experience a rugged coastal landscape of cobble beaches, sheer cliffs, and rocky promontories.

Lincoln Cove

Located near Birch Point in Perry, the ecologically rich Lincoln Cove Preserve features scenic views of a quiet corner of Cobscook Bay.

Long Point

With a rich history, this scenic point in Machiasport boasts incredible natural beauty with sweeping views to the islands of outer Machias Bay.

Matthews Island

Located in Eastport, this 14-acre island preserve that is accessible during low tides invites exploration in a wild corner of Maine’s easternmost city.

Pinkham Island

Located in Milbridge, this 80-acre island is home to nesting bald eagles, foraging shorebirds, and other wildlife.

Shabbit Island

While small, three-acre Shabbit Island in Addison is highly scenic and lies within a region of high-value seabird and shorebird wildlife habitat.

Sipp Bay

Located in a northern corner of Cobscook Bay in the town of Perry, this coastal preserve features stunning views and ample wildlife viewing opportunities. 

Treat Island

Located between Eastport and Lubec in the deep waters of Passamaquoddy and Cobscook bays, Treat Island has a rich history and abounds in natural beauty.

MCHT preserves in the Downeast region: