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Young Donors Making a Difference

Join the ShoreKeepers

The ShoreKeepers are a group of young conservationists passionate about keeping the Maine coast healthy, beautiful, and open to all. With fresh perspectives and deep connections to the coast, they’re charting the course for Maine Coast Heritage Trust’s future. 

Interested in becoming a ShoreKeeper? Your generous gifts will go to building trails along the coast, opening islands to the public, keeping vulnerable ecosystems intact, and a whole lot more. By being a part of the ShoreKeepers, you also get to know and spend time with others who care about coastal conservation at a series of fun events throughout the year.

ShoreKeepers receive many perks, including:

  • ShoreKeepers are invited to exclusive events on the coast. From boat tours, hikes, island clean-ups, BBQs, foodie events, and more—we want you to experience the conservation you make possible.
  • The Garden Party and After Party. The first Friday in August, come celebrate the coast in the exclusive Abby Aldrich Rockefeller Garden in Seal Harbor. Stay for the After Party just for ShoreKeepers with yummy food, drinks, games, and friends—hosted by Rebecca Rockefeller Lambert.
  • Insider looks at how ShoreKeepers support influences our work, directly from MCHT’s president, Tim Glidden
  • A guide to what we think are the most spectacular MCHT preserves, newsletters, and other MCHT communications

Ready to become a ShoreKeeper?

$500 is the entry level to become a ShoreKeeper. With your gift, you’ll receive all the above benefits as well as the peace of mind that you’re conserving this place you love so much.

Consider a monthly gift of $41.67—it’s an easy and convenient way to become a ShoreKeeper!

For more information about MCHT’s ShoreKeepers, please contact Nicole Connelly or at (207)607-4361. 

ShoreKeepers Advisory Council

We’re so grateful for the leadership support of founding members of the ShoreKeepers.

  • Camie Barrow, Co-Chair
  • Beba Cabot
  • Chelsea Delorme
  • Edward Demetriou
  • Brian Eng, Co-Chair
  • TC Haffenreffer
  • Tilly Hagen
  • Vincenzo Hart
  • Katie Hatch
  • Tripp Kise
  • Mike Lambert
  • Rebecca Lambert
  • Allison Merrick
  • Ned Merrick
  • Maya Owens
  • Ben Sampson
  • Justin Schair
  • Rachel Sears
  • Mason Sears
  • Arlin Smith
  • Sam Spencer
  • Lucas St. Clair
  • Stacie Vining
Join the ShoreKeepers