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Stories from the Maine Coast

Here you’ll find the latest in MCHT’s land conservation news, tips for exploring the coast, dispatches from field staff, and more.

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Maine Heritage Newsletters

In the spring, summer, and fall, MCHT publishes three editions of the Maine Heritage newsletter. The general version highlights noteworthy land conservation projects throughout the state while the Midcoast and Downeast versions focus in on those respective regions.

  • Fall 2018, Midcoast Edition

  • Fall 2018, Downeast Edition

  • Fall 2018, Maine Edition

MCHT Annual Reports

At the end of each year, MCHT looks back on the conservation successes donors made possible.

  • Annual Report 2017

  • Annual Report 2016

  • Annual Report 2015

Other Publications

  • Winning the War on Weeds

  • Conservation Options: A Guide for Maine Landowners

  • MCHT Gift Acceptance Policies