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What We’re Working On Now

The Clark Island Project Securing Public Access to a Beloved Midcoast Island

The effort to forever protect and open this beloved island to the public is underway.

Learn more about The Clark Island Project

The Islands Initiative Keeping Iconic Islands Wild & Open

The Maine coast is famous around the world for its islands.

Learn more about The Islands Initiative

The Marshes for Tomorrow Initiative Protecting Maine’s Salt Marshes as Sea Level Rises

Did you know that salt marshes are taking care of you?

Learn more about The Marshes for Tomorrow Initiative

View of Monroe Island from the air

The Monroe Island Project Opening a Wild Pen Bay Island to the Public

At 225 acres, Monroe Island is one of the largest undeveloped islands in the Midcoast.

Learn more about The Monroe Island Project

The Orange River Watershed Initiative Bringing Fish—and Jobs—Back to Eastern Maine

Maine Coast Heritage Trust is working in partnership with a group of organizations committed to restoring the health of coastal rivers and watersheds in eastern Maine.

Learn more about The Orange River Watershed Initiative

The Rivers Initiative Restoring the Life Blood of the Coast

Generations ago, Maine’s free-flowing rivers surged through vast forests and out into the Gulf of Maine, transporting fresh water, nutrients, and billions of fish...

Learn more about The Rivers Initiative

The Schoodic to Schoodic Initiative Saving a Wildlife Corridor Connecting Inland Forest to the Sea

Along the Maine coast there are few places left where wildlife can roam to and from rocky shores and inland woods seeking food and refuge.

Learn more about The Schoodic to Schoodic Initiative

The Stone Barn Farm Project Protecting an Iconic MDI Property

MCHT is fundraising to protect the buildings and surrounding 128 acres.

Learn more about The Stone Barn Farm Project

The Woodward Point Project Creating a Large Coastal Preserve in Southern Maine

Thanks to the generosity and support of many, this special place in Brunswick is now conserved. Want to learn more about how to visit and what to expect? You’ve come to the right place.

Learn more about The Woodward Point Project