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Acadia Mountain

Hidden on the northern flank of Acadia National Park’s namesake mountain, this small preserve in Mt. Desert is a tucked-away spot for quiet contemplation—complete with picnic table.

Acadia Mountain is great for:

Picnicking - Bring your picnic lunch to this off-the-beaten path location.

How to get there

Access the property from a right-of-way along Hannibals Way, a private road running southeast along the northern property boundary. From Route 102 southbound, turn left on the southern end of Hall Quarry Road just before Acadia National Park’s Ike’s Point access road to Echo Lake. Drive east on Hall Quarry Road and then turn right onto Robinson Lane. Bear right onto Hannibals Way. Please be careful and considerate—parking is tight! Shoulder parking for several cars is available along the roadside, as well as at the base of the walking paths. Please refrain from driving the entire length of the road, which is private beyond the preserve entrance.

Get directions from Google Maps Printable preserve map (635KB PDF)

Land restored

Once the site of a planned condominium subdivision, the slated development presented major erosion problems. After acquiring the property, MCHT worked to restore the land with the construction of swales, water bars, rip-rapped ditches, and plunge pools designed to slow the flow of water down the hillside and trap sediment. Two of the would-be driveways were reincarnated as walking paths.

Notes on topography, flora, and fauna

MCHT’s Acadia Mountain Preserve is open to the general public for low-impact, non-motorized activities. The property is steep and largely wooded, though clearings on the hillside offer beautiful views of Somes Sound. While hiking is limited, visitors can enjoy a short, steep walk up one of two trails to a lovely picnic spot.

How this place became open to the public

In 2008, MCHT and Friends of Acadia (FOA) joined together to acquire the Acadia Mountain Preserve.

This place belongs to all of us. Help us take care of it!

Preserve information/guidelines

  • No Camping Permitted
  • No Fires Permitted
  • Please Stay on Designated Trails
  • Carry Out All Trash
  • Including Human and Pet Waste and Toilet Paper
  • Keep Pets Under Control